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Health Care Programs

Nurse Aide Program
accredited by the Virginia Board of Nursing.  The  program consist of a minimal 120 hours of lecture, demonstrated hands on practice skills and clinical skills practices at one of the local long-term faculties area as you prepare for the NNAP certification examination.  
Classes: 8 weeks-MWF  and Sat./Sun. Times to be announced

Personal Care Aide
an approved Department Of Medical Assistance Service program which teaches the basic skills required to take care of individuals in the community.  The program consist of 44 hours of lecture, demonstration and hands on skills.  The individual will learn the following skills required for employment as a home health aide: measure and record vital signs, bathing, grooming, effective communication, documentation, safety, infection control, meal preparation and ....... 
Classes: 6p to 9p  (15 days)

Medication Aide Program
There are two medication aide programs: Group Home program approved by the Department of Social Services program and the Assisted Living Facility program approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing.  The programs were designed to prepare the individual  for work as," medication aides", in the Group Homes, Adult Day Care Centers or Assisted Living Faculty to name a few.....  The program will include lectures on the various medication groups, their usage, their positive/negative effects, storage and demonstration on how to administer the following forms of medications: oral, topical, inhalers, eye drops, ear drops, patches.   The program includes, detailed Diabetic teaching with emphases on the disease process, checking the blood sugars, the types of insulin and demonstrated insulin injection.  All applicants must provide certification training documentation as  Personal Care Aides or Nurse Aides.              
Classes: 6p to 10p Lecture  Tues- Thursday -Saturday with clinical scheduled in the a.m.

Registered Medication Aide 73 hours
Non Registered Medication Aide 34 hours

Tidewater American Heart Association
 CPR, First Aid, Basic Life Support and AED training available

                                            Call for information

Applicants must be over 18,  mature individuals who has passed the Comprehension test with 85 %, able to be supervised by licensed staff, have  no employment restrictions and have reliable transportation to the program as scheduled.  These items are required for the programs: criminal report, PPD test, board exam fee and uniform.

 Please call the office 757 523-5207 for information

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